Graphics card problem! HELP?

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu May 17 11:50:55 UTC 2007

Hello all...

Just got a new system with a GEForce 8600GT graphics card in it.  Ubuntu 
  boots up and the desktop works, but the resolution is low (on a 22" 
Samsung LCD, it tops out near 1024x768 if memory serves...sorry, I was 
trying to get everything working last night at home, and this is a 
freshly unboxed system) and the desktop effects turn the display 
completely white (or while trying to install a working NVIDIA driver X 
won't start at all or locks at a black screen).

Has anyone managed to use an 8600GT to get 3D effects working on XOrg? 
I'd hate to do it but is this a problem inherent with Ubuntu or would 
another distro handle this better?  I'd hate to have a card with so much 
claimed ability for handling 3D and be stuck at a lower resolution and 
no eye candy to impress some end users...well, that, and I do actually 
find some of the effects handy.


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