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Wed May 16 19:14:41 UTC 2007

 Hello to all from a new list member.
    I am new to Ubuntu, so if this is the wrong list, please point me to the correct list for my question. 
    I have built a couple of new servers (for my home and church) and used v6.06 LTS.  I used v6.06 LTS because it is a server and I wanted the machines to be as stable as possible.  No GUI, as they are primarily just file servers.  I may add additional features as I better understand using them, but I am also pretty new to Linux. 
    So given those light requirements, is there any real reason to upgrade the servers to v7.04?  I searched the mail list archive and thought that my upgrade path might be easier if I keep them upgraded, until I saw one message that stated that when the next LTS version came out, I could upgrade to that directly.  Other messages stated that you had to do the upgrade by moving from version to version and could not skip versions  (i.e. v6.06 had to upgrade to v6.10 which could then be upgraded to v7.04)
    My general mode of operation is to keep my software up-to-date, without being on the bleeding edge.  Can any of you shed some light on best practices in this area related to Ubuntu and specifically Ubuntu servers?
MDunigan62 at aim dot com
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