Cisco VPN Client + Ubuntu 6.06.1 = high blood pressure

Nicholas Kline kakster7 at
Wed May 16 19:00:31 UTC 2007


I am trying to install the Cisco VPN client on Ubuntu
6.06.1. The installation is failing and returning the
following information:

sudo ./vpn_install

Cisco Systems VPN Client Version 4.8.00 (0490) Linux
Copyright info...

Directory where binaries will be installed

Automatically start the VPN service at boot time [yes]

In order to build the VPN kernel modeule, you must
have the
kernel headers for the version of the kernel you are

Directory containing linux kernel source code
(I changed this to):

*Binaries will be installed in "/usr/local/bin".
*Modules will be installed in
*The VPN service will be started AUTOMATICALLY at boot
*Kernel source from
"/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.15-28-686/" will be used
to build the module.

Is the above correct [y]

Making module
./ line 50: make: command not found
Failed to make module "cisco_ipsec.ko".

My system information:

-Dell Latitude D820
-Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS desktop Dapper Drake
-Kernel 2.6.15-28-686
-Cisco VPN Client version

I am aware that alternatives exist to the Cisco VPN
client but before I think about using a different
product, I would like to know why this installation is
failing and how to properly resolve the problem.

I've read several posts that suggest installing
various compilers and the like, but is this the core
solution? In an attempt to troubleshoot this problem,
I installed the "make" command however the
installation failed again, this time complaining about
gcc not being available.

I've also read about a patch for the Cisco VPN client
that is designed to work on kernels > 2.6.19 but am
not sure if such a patch exists for my kernel.

Any thoughts and suggestions on resolving this problem
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,


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