Evolution and spam filtering

J. Pablo" Fernández pupeno at pupeno.com
Tue May 15 16:50:01 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-15 at 11:27 -0500, sktsee wrote:
> On Tue, 15 May 2007 01:12:07 -0300, J. Pablo" Fernández wrote:
> > Once again I am trying Evolution and spam filtering just *doesn't* work
> > out of the box.
> > When I start Evolution from a terminal I see: (evolution-2.10:22153):
> > evolution-mail-WARNING **: ignored this junk plugin: not enabled or we
> > have already loaded one
> > 
> > (evolution-2.10:22153): e-utils-WARNING **: Plugin 'Bogofilter junk
> > plugin' failed to load hook 'org.gnome.evolution.mail.junk:1.0'
> > 
> > 
> This particular problem has been around at least since Dapper, which is
> what I'm on. Basically, Evolution still loads the SpamAssassin plugin even
> after it is disabled in the Evolution's plugin manager, and even if you
> don't have SpamAssassin installed on your machine! Because it prevents the
> Bogofilter plugin from loading, you get the error message above.
> My solution to the problem was to prevent Evolution from loading the
> SpamAssassin plugin. Working on the theory that a program can't load a
> plugin it cant' find, I deleted the SpamAssassin plugins from Evolution's
> plugin directory: (on Dapper Evolution is at 2.6, so you would change
> your path to the appropriate version, which is 2.10)
> $ sudo rm /usr/lib/evolution/2.6/plugins/*sa-junk*
> That will take care of the error that you are getting above.
> To be on the safe side, first make sure evolution isn't running. If you
> are not comfortable deleting the files then just move them to another
> directory.
> The downside to this method occurs when there is an update to Evolution
> pushed through by update-manager. The sa-junk plugin files will be
> re-installed along with the other updated Evolution files. You may have to
> remove the sa-junk files from the plugin directory again if Evolution
> stops filtering spam after an update. Of course, you could get fancy and
> read up on how to use dpkg-divert to rename the files so that the package
> manager will honor the changes permanently through any updates.
> > Does it need bogofilter? what filter does it use? how do I make it work?
> > In Debian Etch it seems to work out of the box.
> All the Evolution bogofilter plugin basically does is pipe the email
> through the bogofilter application. You definitely need the bogofilter
> package installed if you are going to use it to filter spam emails from
> Evolution.

Or I could just install SpamAssasin, right?
J. Pablo Fernández <pupeno at pupeno.com>
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