apt-get, specify installation dir

Andreas andreas at tiddelipom.com
Tue May 15 16:30:53 UTC 2007

B.W. Willems wrote:
> PHPMyAdmin is nothing more than a collection of PHP scripts. You can
> move them where ever you want. Just be sure to modify your
> apache(2).conf accordingly.
> Regards.

Yeah, noticed. But it installs itself in /var/www, which is the 
documentroot for Apache, and in which I had (!) some php-pages that were 
removed when I removed phpmyadmin via apt-get remove phpmyadmin. Luckily 
I had backups. That's stupid. Not everyone has backups. It should 
install to $DocumentRoot/phpmyadmin, IMHO.

So for future reference, is there a way to specify installation 
directory when installing via apt-get or dpkg -i?


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