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Tue May 15 02:10:54 UTC 2007

On 05/14/2007 06:19 PM, Solomon Herscovitch wrote:
> Have you ever used Encarta?  I must say, it was one of just about two good
> things done (1: SideWinder gaming hardware; 2: Encarta Encyclopedia).  It
> had a very basic interface; based on dark colors, right angles, and solid
> fill/no gradients; kind of like a black Fluxbox theme.  Everything tied
> together, with links to other articles right in the text,
> built-in-dictionary, animations, and media things like video time lines, and
> knowledge-quest things to get you reading!  Actually, a lot of it does sound
> like Wikipedia...  But, like Wikipedia as a program, with a bit more
> 'programmy' feel; not just a Website.  The other thing about it: it had
> great content and function, all available offline.
> But yeah, I bet it will work in WINE.

Yes I have. I had to go rummage around in the old Windows CD box in the
garage and managed to find an Encarta 99 CD. It did manage to install
w/errors on Feisty 7.04. However, it kept saying it couldn't find a
file, but eventually the install screen popped up and it did intstall in
the .wine/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Reference directory. However,
when I attempt to run, it pops up and says "The ShockWave animation
plater is not installed on your system. Please reinstall Encarta from
your installation disk.". I entered whatever it was to continue, and lo
and behold it does run. Somewhat kludgy, but it does run :-)

It appears that others have had problems:

Perhaps in a VMS environment it will work better.

Regarding wikipedia; Wikipedia contains some excellent information,
unfortunately many articles can be quite inaccurate or down right bogus.
It's a great 'starting source', but I'd never use it as a definitive
resource. Parents should teach their kids to use wikipedia to be a
starting point, and then research on their own from authoritative sources.

> On 5/14/07, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
>> On 05/14/2007 02:53 PM, Cesar Augusto Suarez wrote:
>> > In Windows World, there are an encyclopedia named "Microsoft Encarta"
>> its very useful especially for my kids.
>> > Im asking if there are something like it on Linux World
>> >
>> Have you tried installing Encarta via WINE? It's an old enough MS
>> program that it probably will work.
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