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Tue May 15 01:28:09 UTC 2007

I will also stand up for eclipse - I only use it for Java and python,
but it's great.


On 5/15/07, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
> marc wrote:
> > =?UTF-8?B?VFAgU3TDpGQgQWt1dCAtIFRvbWFzIEZvcnNtYW4=?= said...
> >> ItÅ? about LinuxDC++, what program should i use to work with the source?
> >>
> >> In Windows we use Visual Studio 2003 or 2005. Is there something like
> >> that in Linux too? So i can start 1 program and change stuff and see how
> >> the code is linked to other places in source?
> >>
> >> Or those who makes LinuxDC++ is making that under Windows envirement?
> >
> > Eclipse is amazing. imo. I develop Java, Ruby (including Rails), C++ and
> > PHP in it.
> Python, too.  In fact, the python support was what finally convinced me to
> leave my previous Java IDE, since I could do both - and more - with
> Eclipse.
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> derek
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