Strange Mount After Clean Install of Feisty

Amichai Rotman amichai at
Mon May 14 10:50:21 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I recently installed 7.04 (not upgraded) on my box.

I have two HDs - /dec/hda (or /dev/sda as it is mounted now) and /dev/hdc.

Both are IDE HDs. During the installation I told it to use the entire HDA
disk and expected to be asked about the mount points later. It didn't ask. I
had to manually add a line to mount my second disk (now /dev/sdc5) where all
my data is. I created a dir by the name of Data under the root fs (/Data)
and added a line similar to the one mounting the root fs (/) pointing to my
second HD.

Now I have a link on my desktop called "/home" and when I check it's
properties it shows up as mounted on /Data...

Looking at my /home/<username>/Desktop dir shows as empty...

Here's my /etc/fstab. The line I added is the last one. I don't know how to
find the UUID for my partition...

Is there a GUI way to mont it instead?


# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
proc            /proc           proc    defaults        0       0
# /dev/hda1
UUID=5190a552-ab5a-4f41-bdc9-6ee3799cd1df /               ext3
defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       1
# /dev/hda5
UUID=237e9c63-7cbe-455c-8d99-ff0636b268d6 none            swap
sw              0       0
/dev/hdb        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       0
/dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0
/dev/sdb5       /Data           ext3
defaults,errors=remount-ro              0       0


Amichai Rotman

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