howto break flash stealing firefox

cj debiani386 at
Mon May 14 01:00:26 UTC 2007

Paul S wrote:
> I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to maneuver through firefox (and the 
> rest of the desktop too).  For example, C-t will open a new tab.  C-w 
> will close a tab.  A-b will give me the bookmark menu.
> I notice when I watch certain content, i.e. flash or youtube movies, 
> that the focus of firefox gets lock up and I can't break it out without 
> a mouse click.
> The manual says that "tab" or "F6" are supposed to move the focus, but 
> they don't work in such a case.  Has anyone figured out a way to get 
> firefox back without the mouse?
I had the same problem too. what i did was restart firefox, i dont know 
if there are any key combinations that get you around that

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