Boot Ubuntu from a floppy on to a 2nd HD?

cj debiani386 at
Sat May 12 04:05:49 UTC 2007

Xn Nooby wrote:
> I have a work PC that has two HD's, and was thinking of installing 
> Ubuntu 7.04 on the 2nd drive.  I would *not* want to modify the 
> machine's boot process, since this is not really my machine.  Is it 
> possible to install Ubuntu to a 2nd internal drive, and have it not 
> touch the MBR - and then boot from a floppy?  That way, when I am done 
> with the PC, I could just remove the floppy and reformat the 2nd 
> drive.  If I clobbered the 1st drive, it would be "bad", so I do not 
> want to risk doing that.
make the second hard drive your primary one and install ubuntu on it.

after that, make it your secondary and then press what ever key your 
POST screen says to press to access the boot menu, select your second
drive and boot from it

its what i used to do and it worked, even though it was a bit time-consuming

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