Problem getting mail with Evolution but not with Thunderbird

Rick Berger rberger at
Fri May 11 16:29:20 UTC 2007

Just upgraded to Feisty Fawn and I'm trying to go back to Evolution for 
my email. But when it goes to get the mail:


      it just gets one or two emails from the pop server


      expunges them


      sits there in send receive till I click Cancel


      then gives an error: ' Error while Fetching Mail. Cannot get
      message D570EAF8-E66A-4F58-BB3F-9C3933BDF63C: Unknown reason'

Repeating a Get Mail does the same thing gives the same type of error 
only stating 'No such file or directory' instead of 'Unknown reason'.

Thunderbird has no problems getting the mail but I'd sure like to go 
back to Evolution.

Any suggestions on what I've done wrong.


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