Ubuntu.com listing laptops?

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jarrodhenry at comcast.net wrote:

> But, when it's all said and done, it's Canonical's decision, not mine.. but I'd rather not see advertisements on an OS that brands itself as a Free OS, because that implies kickbacks and ad buys.. and the major manu's are already quite adept at penetrating the market through conventional marketing means.

Uh...?  And?

Some people might buy a laptop pre-loaded with Ubuntu SPECIFICALLY
because part of the profits go back to helping develop Ubuntu.  Look, I
get a laptop, I get to skip paying the Windows tax, I get to skip
installing my favorite OS, AND I'm making a (non-deductable) donation to
fund the continued development of my favorite OS!  And if I trash the OS
and lose the restore CD, I can go download a new copy without
registering and providing my ID and selling my soul!

> Jarrod
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>     No.
>     I would not want to see that, because the goal of Ubuntu should be
>     to get a Free OS out there to all.  I don't think we should turn our
>     front page into an adblock for them.  I mean, after all, System76
>     and a bunch of others have been doing Ubuntu Laptops for awhile
>     now.  Where's the support for them?
>     What happens if Lenova comes along and wants to do the deal as
>     well.. do we put them on the page?  Now HP, Compaq, and Lenova are
>     in.. do we put equal sized ads up for them all?    It's taking a
>     slippery slope type argument, but eventually we might see the day
>     when there are just too many vendors, and we're putting too much of
>     them up on the home page, and we're losing the content.
>     As it stands, when I open Ubuntu.com <http://Ubuntu.com>, I don't
>     see a single ad on the page.  It needs to stay that way.  We're in
>     software, not hardware.    The Dell deal is great, but we shouldn't
>     start playing favorites.
> Perhaps the idea isn't completely bad, though.  What if Ubuntu were to
> add a section to their site that says "Where can I buy a computer with
> Ubuntu Linux Pre-Loaded?"?  Allow a link and a short description for
> each merchant, in alphabetical order.  That wouldn't show any favoritism
> among merchants.  They could add a "Merchants, add your site to this
> list!" link.
> I think that this would support all vendors who sell Ubuntu Linux-based
> computers.  In turn, this may also encourage more vendors to put
> together a Ubuntu package.  If they could get a link to their site on
> Ubuntu's site, they might see more customer purchases.
> -- Vince

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