hard disks chaos + dual boot install

Wolfgang wollez at gmx.net
Thu May 10 20:13:57 UTC 2007


I got some chaos in my computer, but to start from the beginning: first 
I had only one hd and I've installed feisty on it. Now I've put a second 
disk in the computer to install win2k on it. For safety reasons I'd 
unplugged the linux drive during install of win. Now I have each OS on 
one hd.

Now to the problem: I can only boot linux when I change the boot order 
in the bios. How can I adapt grub to load windows as well? An other 
possibility would be that I copy all linux files into the empty space of 
the new disk (there is enough unallocated place left). But then I will 
probably also have to adapt fstab, but I'm not sure if there are other 
things I have to take care of.

So, many thanks in advance for help and/or suggestions what to do.

Kind regards

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