Problem with ethernet

Michael S. Peek peek at
Thu May 10 15:03:14 UTC 2007

Steve Flynn wrote:
> Are you really using ath0 for anything?

That's the wireless interface.  When the wireless interface is on it 
gets an IPv4 address.  When it's off, it gets this weird IPv6 address.  
I tried "ifdown ath0", but it said "ath0 not configured", so I used 
"ifconfig ath0 down" and that did the trick.

> Turn it off and see if your problems go away...

Nope, problem still there.

> it looks like it's getting all of the traffic when you want to use 
> your wired network and I suspect you think data is leaving on eth0.

Wasn't the routing table supposed to take care of that?

Ideas?  I'm scratching my head in bewilderment.


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