Beryl at 1400x1050

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Can you run other 3D apps at that kind of resolution, in 32 bit mode?

Usually, ATI Radeon Mobility cards tend to share a limited amount of 
memory with the normal system RAM. This means that from the BIOS 
(normally) you might be able to allocate more or less RAM to the video 
card. IF you don't have enough RAM allocated, you may be running out of 
video RAM to hold the full 3D environment.

Are you getting error messages?

Can you run X11 without Beryl or Compiz (just normal 3D mode) and run 
accelerated apps like glxgears?


Devon Harding wrote:
> I'm running a Dell D600 with an ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 with Feisty.  
> Not for the life of me I can get Beryl or Compiz to run at 1400x1050.  
> The highest it will work is 1024x768.  What am I missing here?  
> Running AIGLX btw. 

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