Antivirus program for ubuntu feisty amd64

Gilles Gravier Gilles at
Thu May 10 14:02:32 UTC 2007

Let's put it this way.

In order for a Linux virus to work, in particular from a non root 
account, it would have to exploit a serious design or implementation 
flaw... which would quickly be fixed by one of the automatic 
patches/updates of your favorite (i.e. Ubuntu) distro.

On Windows, a virus just needs to take advantage of one of the many 
stupid FEATURES built into Windows to make idiotic users experience an 
easier one. Fixing a feature designed on purpose usually implies 
seriously affecting user experience... and so it is hard to do in a on 
intrusive way.

So Windows viruses are quite easy to write. Linux viruses are very hard 
to write.

Then, of course, there are less Linux users around than Windows users. 
(For now!)

So in final, bang for the buck is less on Linux than on Windows. And 
buck is more expensive on Linux than on Windows. :)


Davide Corio wrote:
> Il giorno gio, 10/05/2007 alle 09.13 -0400, Mike McMullin ha scritto:
>>   Linux Virii do exist on concept form, it's a question of their being
>> out in the wild.
> Sure, but keep in mind that you have to execute (by hand) the virus from
> a root session.
> Lanching the infected file from an unprivileged user session cannot make
> damages to the OS.

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