Mounted phone memory card shows incorrect disk size.

Johan Grönqvist johan.gronqvist at
Thu May 10 05:19:29 UTC 2007

ons 2007-05-09 klockan 17:37 +0100 skrev Liam Proven:
> On 09/05/07, Johan Grönqvist <johan.gronqvist at> wrote:
> It may be that your card was not actually partitioned but just
> formatted as a raw filesystem, in the same way that floppy disks are
> handled.

I did not know that floppy disks are handled this way 

> I always advise using an OS which handles a given filesystem
> *natively* to format that FS. Use DOS or NT to format FAT, NT for
> NTFS, Linux for ext2/3 and so on.
> I suggest you put your card in a card reader, boot the machine under
> DOS or NT, partition it with one big primary FAT16 partition, format
> that to FAT16, and use it as that alone. Once you have done that, it
> should work on anything.

Thanks. I will try this next.

/ johan

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