Intel VT support on 945GMS chipset

Tomoki Taniguchi tomoki.taniguchi at
Thu May 10 05:04:09 UTC 2007

ok so appearantly the CPU and chipset support VT
the laptop vendor has disabled it for some reason in the Bios...

Is there anything i can do?

On 5/10/07, Tomoki Taniguchi <tomoki.taniguchi at> wrote:
> I was trying to get KVM on my Ubuntu laptop.
> my laptop has a Intel Core Duo L2500 chip
> sitting on a 945GMS chipset.
> I have confirmed that my cpu has support for intel VT
> which i was told was necessary to run KVM.
> So I am trying to figure out if the chipset doesn't support VT,
> or if the vendor has not included it in the bios.
> Does anyone know if the 945GMS chipset has support for VT?
> TIA,
> Tomoki Taniguchi

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