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On 05/09/2007 01:47 PM, Tibor Attila Anca wrote:
> Hello NoOP,
> On Wednesday 09 May 2007 21:14:30 NoOp wrote:
>> On 05/09/2007 11:57 AM, Tibor Attila Anca wrote:
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> Thanks.
> So, there is this annoying bug, but not suggestion, WHAT it is. I 
> already had similar bugs with former editions of It is 
> really annoying. Now, with a few tricks, form creation went not that 
> bad, but with a wizard it could have been much quicker. I hope, the bug 
> will be corrected. The version from the ooo site also crushes (on the 
> same system) whenever I only try to open a form wizard. The 
> ubuntu-version simply does not do anything...
> By,

I think that there is a general problem with the Ubuntu OOo wizard
macros and "think" that is has been fixed in Debian and will soon be
fixed in Ubuntu, see:
[last msg by Philipp Sadleder  said on 2007-05-07]

Note: These bugs do not appear in the OOo 2.2 version downloaded and
installed directly from So if you need a working version
before a fix is released I'd recommend using the OOo 2.2

Note: uncheck the "Include the Java JRE with this download" box - use
your own JRE directly from SUN. You *will* need JRE for Base :
The Java Runtime Engine (JRE) is required for the Base (database)
component of as well as several other features. By
default the installer will install this additional piece
of software as well. For more information: Java &


Also see:

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