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Gilles Gravier wrote:
> Jonathan,
> Jonathan Kaye wrote:
>> I don't really understand your requirement for Skype. It uses a
>> protocol which, sooner or later, will come back to bite you and there are
>> video conferencing systems that work NOW, not a some indeterminate
point in
>> the future. I know of two and there may well be many others:
>> 1. Ekiga
>> 2. AMSN
> The rest of your mail was factual... but "I don't really understand..."
> you don't NEED this statement.
> Everybody has THEIR OWN requirements. Including some of us who have a
> requirement for open source. Some DON'T REALLY UNDERSAND OUR REQUIREMENT
> FOR UNSECURED TOTALLY OPEN SOURCE (I'm voluntarily being sarcastic here,
> I use open source myself, and I work in a company that has turned all
> open source).
> And note that AMSN while open source, isn't implementing an open
> protocol... it's open source implementing a reverse engineered closed,
> proprietary protocol...
> Nevertheless, there are many reasons to prefer Skype:
> 1) It just works... through just about any configuration of firewall you
> want (it's IMPOSSIBLE to run Ekiga behind HTTP-only firewalls, when
> Skype works well there)
> 2) 14 million people use it... so this person probably has some friends
> who only have Skype. That's a very compelling reason to use it, if they,
> for their own reasons, can't move away from it.
> 3) It has (appart from features like Video) a set of common features for
> all suppored platforms (Windows, PocketPC, Linux, MacOS, Nokia N Series
> phones) that make it very convenient... you just KNOW that the person on
> the other side will be able to use what you want to do with them.
> 4) It uses quite good encryption so makes it very secure (Neither Ekiga,
> nor AMSN have encryption on voice)...
> So... cut the "I don't understand" bulls**t and stay factual.
> The guy asked for Video support for Linux on Skype. There is none. None
> is currently planned (including the comming v1.4).
> Yes Skype is proprietary. Yes there are alternative (for some of the
> features) that are open source. But leave that choice to the other user.
> Its NONE of your FREAKING business to question and judge his choices.
i concur. however, skype will be for my wife. she uses Ubuntu as well
but she has her friend who is in Germany now and she (her friend) uses
skype. I doubt that she (her friend) knows anything about skype
alternative or the open source software. I will try to enlighten her
and ask to download Ekiga It seems to me that it's available for
Windows as well. If not, windows + skype is the solution. However, it
won't stop our family from using Ubuntu :)
> Gilles.

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