Mounted phone memory card shows incorrect disk size.

Doug Rintoul courtjestr at
Wed May 9 15:40:17 UTC 2007

cj wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">Johan 
> Gr�nqvist wrote:
>> tis 2007-05-08 klockan 21:53 +0200 skrev Thomas Kaiser:
>>> As far as I know FAT32 _is_ limited to 2 GiB, because of the file 
>>> allocation table (32 Bytes?). So I assume that FAT16 can only address 
>>> half or even less?
>> Wikipedia claims that ( the volume
>> size ( I assume this is partition size) is limited to 2 GiB or 4 GiB in
>> fat16 (implementation dependent), and to 8 Terabyte (!) on fat32. I
>> believe the file size limits are not important to me, but only the
>> limits on volume size.
>> / johan
> actually fat16 is limited to 2 gig..fat32 is limited to 2tb.
> --cj

Also note from same Wikipedia entry:

Windows 2000 and Windows XP can read and write to FAT32 filesystems of 
any size, but the format program on these platforms can only create 
FAT32 filesystems up to 32 GiB. Third party utilities are available 
which can format larger FAT32 filesystems. Thompson and Thompson (2003) 
write[8] that “Bizarrely, Microsoft states that this behavior is by 
design.” A Microsoft knowledge base article[4] indeed confirms the 
limitation and the "by design" statement, but gives no rationale or 
explanation. However, a Microsoft TechNet article states that the 32 GiB 
limit was an arbitrary limit imposed because many tasks on a very large 
FAT32 filesystem become slow and inefficient.[9] Peter Norton's 
opinion[10] is that “Microsoft has intentionally crippled the FAT32 file 

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