nntp command line news reader

Cameron Hutchison lists at xdna.net
Wed May 9 08:41:34 UTC 2007

Bram Kuijper wrote:

>anybody using nn as a commandline nntp news reader on ubuntu feisty? 
>Apparently, nn has some problems in recognizing the hostname of my local 
>machine. After installing nn on my machine, I try to start it by typing:

>bram at theobio36.biol.rug.nl: nn
>hostname=theobio36, You need a fully qualified domain name

I use nn and came across this problem too. I fixed it by installing
the following script as /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-exit-hooks.d/domain :

awk '$1 ~ /domain/ { seendomain=1 } $1 ~ /search/ && !search { search = $2 } {print} END { if (!seendomain && search) print "domain "search }' </etc/resolv.conf >/etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new
chown --reference=/etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new
chmod --reference=/etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new
mv -f /etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new /etc/resolv.conf

That first line is one long line (the awk command) - it may not appear
that way in your mail reader.

Essentially, nn is looking for a "domain" line in /etc/resolv.conf. This
script puts it there if it is not by setting it to the same as the "search"

>In fact, I would welcome any suggestions on a commandline nntp 
>newsreader which is _usable_, since nn is not quite like that.

I love nn and have been using it for years, but it is from a different
era. I use it to read this and other mailing lists since nn lets you
really cut through most of it very quickly.

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