Mounted phone memory card shows incorrect disk size.

Johan Grönqvist johan.gronqvist at
Wed May 9 06:19:44 UTC 2007

tis 2007-05-08 klockan 12:25 -0400 skrev Brian McKee:
> On 08/05/07, Johan Grönqvist <johan.gronqvist at> wrote:
> > I do not know if the fact that I use FAT16 is a problem. I have one
> > partition of size 1.9GiB. Wikipedia says there is a limit at 2 GiB in
> > the filesystem FAT16, but I would have expected GParted to complain if I
> > created an illegally large partition. The internal memory of the phone
> > is accessible to me as a FAT16 partition, and I therefore chose FAT16
> > for the memory card as well.
> Can't prove it, but linux tools often let you shoot yourself in the
> foot on the assumption 'you know what you are doing' :-)  I'd
> repartition that card as Fat32....

I started gparted again to repartition the memory stick to fat32, but
gparted said that there was no filesystem* on the card. I do not
understand this, but guess that my phone somehow does not let me control
the partition, and instead displays something that is mountable, but
seems to contain no partitions at all (not even a partition table if I
understand things correctly).

The internal memory of the phone presents itself as a disk with one
partition (fat16) spanning most of the disk, but the memory stick
presents itself as a totally empty disk (to gparted). 

I will now probably give up, and use it in the  semi-reliable way I used
it so far. 

(Btw: Windows (XP) is also not reliably writing to the memory stick


/ johan

* With "no filesystem" I refer to the fact that gparted asks me what
kind of "labelling" I want for the disk (msdos is the suggested default,
but many other exist). I interpret this as the absence of a partition

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