Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at
Wed May 9 05:47:49 UTC 2007

Ilya Vishnyakov wrote:

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> Jonathan Kaye wrote:
>> Ilya Vishnyakov wrote:
>> Can anyone please advice a webcam that can be used with Ubuntu 7.04
>>  and skype?
>> Hi Ilya, I didn't know that Skype (ugh) for linux supported video.
>> I thought it only did that on the windows version. If I'm correct
>> and you want to use your webcam then I'd suggest Ekiga. It also
>> uses a non-proprietary protocol unlike Skype (ugh). Cheers,
>> Jonathan
> hmmm. I didn't know that it doesn't support video yet. I bet that it
> will eventually. Thank you. I will buy the webcam anyway for the
> future use since I also dual boot Windows XP (for gaming purposes and
> now skype I assume).
Hi Ilya,
I wouldn't hold my breath. A quick look at the skype page shows the
following versions:
M$ Windows: 3.1         supports video
Mac OS X: 2.5 (or 2.6 beta)     supports video
Linux:         does not support video

I don't really understand your requirement for Skype. It uses a proprietary
protocol which, sooner or later, will come back to bite you and there are
video conferencing systems that work NOW, not a some indeterminate point in
the future. I know of two and there may well be many others:
1. Ekiga

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