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Florin Andrei florin at
Tue May 8 22:42:01 UTC 2007

norman wrote:
> I can transfer video from my camcorder to computer to my satisfaction.
> Now, I would like to be able to transfer .mpeg files, stored on my HDD,
> to DVDs for viewing on any ordinary DVD player. I would welcome
> recommendations for suitable software to make this happen. I use Ubuntu
> 6.10 and enjoy a challenge.  

Here's a complete method to create DVDs out of Digital Video cassettes 
such as those on camcorders:

You need to download and install the two scripts: grab and conv-dvd
Edit conv-dvd and see if the default parameters are the correct ones for 
your case. If not, choose the right parameters.

You need to install:
- dvgrab to transfer the DV cassette over FireWire to the computer
- transcode and mjpegtools to create the MPEG2/VOB files
- dvdauthor to create the DVD structure
- dvd+rw-tools to burn the DVD

I've been using this method for years to make home videos with very good 

It's not mentioned on that page yet, but here's how to burn the DVD:

growisofs -Z /dev/dvdwriter \
	-dvd-video \

Replace parameters with what is suitable in your case.

Florin Andrei

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