Problem getting Beryl Working on Feisty

Ben Edwards funkytwig at
Tue May 8 09:13:55 UTC 2007

On 06/05/07, Craig Hagerman <craighagerman at> wrote:
> On 5/4/07, Ben Edwards <funkytwig at> wrote:
> > On 03/05/07, Kevin C. Smith <kevin at> wrote:
> > > P.S. ;)
> > > It also looks like you are using composite, which has the
> > > desktop switching issue when using the cube.
> > > The "Desktop Effects" is for compsite. To start Beryl use
> > > Application->System Tools->Beryl Manager.

Got beryl working.  Had left the kde command at the end of the gdm
script (the script had both, I did not remove the kde one).

Well got it kind of working.  Have found it slows down my system
(without showing cpu usage in cpu meter) and every so ofter the screen
goes black with some lines/corruption.  Sometimes the screen returns
if I wate a little and sometimes it hangs everything.

Am currently using sgl/Desktop Effects witch seems to work (apart from
3d desktop switcher) but I would like to get back more of the bells
and whistles.

One last thing. The standars Gnome session is broke.  I dont get any
deceration or resize/move and term comes up as a empty white


> > Its when I do this that I loose window decoration and the ability ro
> > move etc. the windows;(
> I was having a similar issue when trying to use "Desktop Effects"
> (Compiz). I am now running Beryl with no problems. Sounds like there
> is no window manager running. Did you install Emerald? Take a look at
> the ubuntuguide ( under the relevant section for
> installing Compiz or Beryl and make sure you have done all of those
> steps. Do you have a little red diamond icon in the top menu bar? (I
> forget - it is either the Beryl manager or Emerald manager.) If so you
> can right click on it and chose what window manager to use.
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