Samba Woes: Network name cannot be found

Andis Lazdinsh andis.lazdins at
Tue May 8 09:05:20 UTC 2007


I had the same problem, when upgraded from edgy to feisty and even with 
fresh feisty install with old (edgy) and new smb.conf file. After 
spending half of day for internet search and trying different versions 
of smb.conf modifications I switched back to edgy. And everything, 
except shared HP1220C printer, works again.


Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> I'm still fighting getting Samba back up on my machine. Right now, I'm getting 
> an error message on the client when I click on the share name:
> 	\\Photon\michael is not accessible
> 	network name cannot be found.
> Note that I saved my smb.conf file from my old dapper installation (which 
> worked perfectly). I've restored that file for use on my feisty installation, 
> so I know my samba configuration is identical to what it used to be.
> Earlier, I (think) added michael to the smbpasswd file. I don't see the samba 
> password file in /etc, but I don't see it in the dapper /etc, either. 
> Any and all help greatly appreciated. I really need to get this connection up.
> Thanks in advance
> ---Michael

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