7.04 on Power PC

cj debiani386 at gmail.com
Tue May 8 04:30:07 UTC 2007

Wade Smart wrote:
> 05072007 1935 GMT-6 DST
> I have a friend with about a four year old or so Apple Server with a PPC
> cpu. We going to try ubuntu on it but I cant find the download like for
> the power pc architecture. On the download page I see Standard (x86,
> Pent, Cel, Ath, and Sem)  then 64bit, then Sun but nothing about
> PowerPC. Where is that link? 
> wade
I think that ubuntu is cutting support for mac users (dont quote me on 
this, but there website does not offer mac download as you said. I 
looked on the ubuntu packages webpage and there packages only go up to 
ubuntu 5.10)

my recommendation would be to alteast get 5.04..5.10 wasnt as user 
friendly as 5.04 was (i was a noob when 5.10 came out and i relied solly 
off of the gui to get things done..i knew very little to none of the 
Console commands).

I found a link for ubuntu (and kubuntu if you feel like using an easy 




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