screen resolution drops down to 640 * 480 after monitor change

Paul S paulatgm at
Mon May 7 23:50:14 UTC 2007

Kamal Paryani said the following on 05/07/2007 02:38 PM:
> hi
> after installation if i change my monitor on ubuntu 7.04
> it does not take the resolution higher than 640 * 480
> but the monitor is capable of higher resolutions
> if i switch back to the original monitor on which the installation was done
> then it allows me to increase the resolution
> please help , how do i tell ubuntu desktop to ignore the monitor

When the X server loads, it reads whatever monitor(s) are connected and 
picks the appropriate resolutions for the rest of that session.  You 
have to have the monitor connected when X is starting for this to 
happen.  If you plug / unplug a monitor after, then X is already stuck 
at whatever the resolutions were for the other monitor.  So try 
restarting X after connecting the monitor.  Then, the resolutions should 
be there.  Once the resolutions exist for that X session, you should be 
able to plug / unplug and adjust the resolution for the other monitor.

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