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Liam Proven wrote:

>>     I'm HAPPY to try Ubuntu Lite; throw me a lifeline, aye?
> The guys that set up the website are currently AWOL, so we can't
> change or update it.

    Sounds like it's time to take your hosting elsewhere.

> However, if you just put "ubuntu lite" into Google, the 1st hit is the
> Wikipedia article and the 2nd is the mailing list. The WP article
> points to the ML anyway.

    Actually "ubuntu lite" brought up your site...and now I have a
different, more-thorny problem.

    Years ago...I think it was '96, I bought a sweet little box that, at
the time was too slow for Windows: 2xP3/300 with a built-in SCSI and
network card. It ran Redhat from 6-9.  BUT IT WON'T BOOT UBUNTU!  I've
spent a lot of time trying to get it installed with/without ACPI, APIC,
alternative disk, server disk, every combination I know, but it always
ends in a kernel panic.

    And the Wiki you pointed out tells me it starts with a Dapper
install.  I dunno.  But kick those webmins; they're not doing their
job...I'm sure UL is a sweet distro on the small side.

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