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Sun May 6 22:11:00 UTC 2007

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cj wrote:
> Hi all
> I use my computer as an alarm clock (yes i am cheep) and im wondering 
> where i can find some program that i can set the time to go off and it 
> will play a music file?

    This is a little "non-gui"...but it serves a real purpose, here.
I'm a guard that works nights, and not every night is the same time. One
hour before arrival is a time I call "Gather-and-Get", where I check all
my equipment, clothing, food, etc and get ready to walk out the door.

    Like some of the others mentioned, it uses cron:

00 21 * * Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Sun   bin/gather-n-get
00 20 * * Fri,Sat       bin/gather-n-get

    This covers both weeknights and weekends, and calls
$HOME/bin/gather-n-get.  It's possible I'm watching a movie, listening
to internet radio, etc, so I have it turn off those things, set the
mixers and BLARE at me in case I'm asleep:

- -------------------------------------------------------------------

# Program to remind about g-n-g time, and set the roster of the evening.
# Simple stuff, but could be fun.

DOW=`date +%u`

# Stop programs that might interfere with the message:
killall -q -9 rhythmbox xine
sleep 5

# Sound the alert
play /home/brian/Sounds/redalert.wav
sleep 1
play /home/brian/Sounds/redalert.wav
sleep 1

case $DOW in
   1) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   2) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   3) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   4) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   5) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   6) ROSTER="Parking rounds."

   7) ROSTER="Parking rounds, maintenance rounds, and time card."

echo "Gather in Get time. Tonight's roster is:" $ROSTER | festival --tts
exit 0
- -------------------------------------------------------------------

    Yeah, the effect is kinda geeky, but it really, really works for me.
There's only one thing my computer "says" to me, and it always gets my
attention. And since I work nights, sleeping in the daytime, and my
schedule no longer lets me 'feel' the difference between a weekday and
weekend, it helps to remember (with certainty) which rounds I'm on...I
just can't tell the difference in days, anymore.

    The case-statement is overkill, but the framework is there in case
the 'chores' change from week to week, which has happened before.

    In any case, with this you should be able to do just about anything
you like with the accuracy and reliability of the Unix clock, without
having to be logged in, the monitor turned on, or anything.  Trim it to
fit; have fun with it!

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