public internet security

Paul S paulatgm at
Sun May 6 21:58:44 UTC 2007

Andy said the following on 05/06/2007 05:43 PM:
> Surely you would check the certificate in your browser to confirm:
> 1. It's issued by a reputable C.A.

To be honest, I don't know how to determine this.  From time to time, I 
get popup warnings about unknown certs .. one of the big offenders was last year.  I never knew what to do about this .. I mean I 
accepted the cert for the current session, but never knew what to do for 
a permanent fix.  What should one do?

> 2. It was the same C.A. it was last time

I don't know about this either.

> 3. That the URL in the certificate is that of your bank

Yes, this I know to do.

> 4. That the Organisation field has your banks name

Yes, this I know how to do.

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