strange behaviors with media programs

Eelco on the ubuntu users list ubuntu-users at
Sun May 6 20:31:32 UTC 2007


The only thing I can think of right now is that your firewall is
blocking traffic from and to localhost / and your sound system
is relying on traffic to/from localhost to do its thing (I really don't
know how sound deamons work nowadays, it is just a guess).

Check if localhost is allowed in your firewall, filtering localhost
traffic is mostly pointless and just complicates things.


Paul S wrote:
> I'm having strange problems with media programs after setting up a 
> firewall with guarddog.  The media programs won't open. The splash 
> screen pops up, but the window never loads for gxine, juk, noatun.  For 
> amarok, the window opens, but the mousy busy cursor keeps spinning as 
> though it's trying to load something.  I have to kill it to get it to 
> stop.  Kaffeine starts but when I try to change the settings for xine, 
> it freezes and the xine settings menu never opens.
> I think it's firewall related, because as I try different settings in 
> the firewall, when I hit "apply" all the media programs pop open 
> instantly and there's a blast of sound from the speakers which seems to 
> be the sum of all the start up sounds.
> What does a firewall have to do with media programs and what settings do 
> I need to prevent this inteference?

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