Highpoint RocketRaid

Dirk ubuntu at lotje.com
Sun May 6 19:01:21 UTC 2007

Craig Herring wrote:
> Does anyone know if any of the Highpoint RocketRAID cards are
> compatible with Ubuntu 7.04? I found a Highpoint driver in the tree
> 'hptiop.ko'. It appears the only one it supports out of the box is the
> HP RR 3xxx card. Can anyone confirm this and that it will NOT work
> with the other cards without compiling the driver off their site?
I don't know about 7.04 but in 6.06 I had to compile the driver (for a
RR 1820A) from the Highpoint site myself. I'm now using a Promise EX8350
which works out of the box since 7.04.


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