Alarm clock programs for ubuntu

Andy stude.list at
Sun May 6 16:45:57 UTC 2007

On 06/05/07, cj <debiani386 at> wrote:
> I use my computer as an alarm clock (yes i am cheep) and im wondering
> where i can find some program that i can set the time to go off and it
> will play a music file?

As mentioned above you could set cron to start any media player and
use the music file as a command line argument.

Alternatively searching for "alarm clock" yields:


So if you use Beep Media Player or XMMS check those out.

(Just installed xmms-alarm, it appears to allow you to set a time, and
which days you want it to sound and can trigger at a different time
every day, also supports fading.)

It appears XMMS needs to actually be running for it to start playing though.


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