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Sat May 5 21:43:49 UTC 2007

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drew einhorn wrote:
> Check the assorted branches of the LEAF (Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall)
> Project
> Or if you need something that supports a wider range of applications
> check out Devil Linux:
> It started out as a firewall and grew.  By default it boots from CD,
> but you could trim it back and boot from flash.

   Yeah, I've been looking at so many tiny-distros it almost blows my
mind! And many of them have stopped, I presume due to the duplication of
effort.  It's all the same basic thing, just with different intents in mind.

    Devil Linux looks like a mature, well-walked path to getting such
things to work, as well as Tiny and a couple of others. But from their
descriptions and minimum requirements, I'm thinking of bumping up the
hardware to a Pentium, if I can afford it, and using a pair of laptop
drives in a software raid; I *really* don't want to lose the
breadcrumbs, and have so very little to invest.

    But thanks for the tip!  Do you have some small machine at home, too?
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