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>> It does 
>> however address the weakness of 
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>> WPA.
> Which is?
> I, at this moment, do not know any design flaws in WPA that hamper its
> security to an unacceptable level.
> (Exclude users chosing bad passwords, which isn't a design flaw).
> - Joris

If you setup an ssh tunnel, you can use it to point all your traffic
through it. Case in point, you can certainly point email to use the ssh
tunnel thus keeping everything encrypted.

If the op wishes to get to his deskop at home, again, ssh is the key to
this. It can be set to allow certs or by IP - if the latter is setup,
while the port is there, end users on the internet will be black-holed.

The op should really consider how flexible ssh tunnels can be.

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