trying to decide whether to use LVM or not

CJ debiani386 at
Sat May 5 09:53:07 UTC 2007

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> I'm putting together a new server with a hardware raid array and I'm debating 
> whether or not I want to use LVM and I am looking for good arguments to go in 
> either direction.
> The good things about LVM has been the ability to resize partitions as needed. 
> It's really been wonderful and once I discovered little magic trick of shrinking 
> the filesystem below that of the partition, I haven't had to worry about 
> tromping on the end of my filesystem.
> The really bad thing about LVM is that if you lose your root partition and you 
> lose your LDM configuration files, you are so completely and totally screwed 
> it's not funny.  I've been in this position twice and only by sheer miracle have 
> I been able to recover the LVM array.  In fact I think it's this pain that's 
> keeping me from going forward straight to LVM use.  If someone could tell me how 
> to recover the LVM configuration data without mucking about by hand in a 
> partition table, I would be very comfortable using LVM again.  All the other 
> stuff I can relearn from the manual pages the way I did the first dozen times.
> So how, given an intact LVM managed disk array, how would you recover the 
> necessary data enabling you to mount the partitions on that array on your 
> system.  And answers with  "emacs /dev/hda" don't count.  :-)
> Thanks in advance for your answers.  (This really needs to be a mini how-to)
> ---eric
IMHO i would stick with LVM as it can be resized with out the risk of 
loosing your files as compared to a physical file system. Im not sure if 
its faster or not, google said it was.


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