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Scott Lockwood scott at
Sat May 5 14:20:46 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-05-05 at 09:30 -0400, Paul S wrote:
> I'm an experienced linux user but new to broadband and wireless. 
> Recently I bought a wireless laptop that I can connect to public wifi 
> networks.  I read somewhere that public wifi are insecure and should not 
> be used for anything that transmits a password (even "https" websites). 
>   I also read that the only way to have security at a public wifi is by 
> using a virtual private network (vpn).
> I am also new to a home broadband connection.  I recently got a wired 
> broadband cable network connection (6 mbps).  I do not have a fixed ip 
> address, but it only changes when the power goes off or some other 
> disconnect occurs.  So, most of the time, it will not change.
> I also have a second (older slower) pc that I can connect to this 
> broadband connection at home and leave on line.
> Is it possible for me to create a vpn on my home broadband pc that I can 
> connect to from my laptop whenever I'm in a public wifi?
> Would I be able to browse the web over that connection?
> Is it a secure?
> If you are doing this on (k)ubuntu, could you point me to a howto?

There isn't an easy answer to this, but, take a look at OpenVPN. You'll
need to setup OpenVPN on a machine in your home network's DMC, and have
all trafic go over the VPN to do what you want to do. This will very
likely slow you down some, since most home broadband connections are
asymetrical, and have a much slower speed going 'out' than 'in'. It does
however address the weakness of WEP and WPA.

Scott Lockwood

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