something up with thunderbird

CJ Kelley debiani386 at
Fri May 4 19:24:38 UTC 2007

Paul S wrote:
> debiani386 said the following on 05/04/2007 05:36 PM:
>> Hi all,
>> when ever i download with thunderbird, i notice that it will randomly 
>> place them all over the screen. Today, i tried downloading my new emails 
>> and instead of placing them at the bottom where it normally places them, 
>> it just randomly scattered them all over the screen. This may sound like 
>> BS, but it did happen. How do i fix this and how do i get it to put them 
>> all at the bottom?
> Where they show up in your mail list depends on how you have the mail 
> view pane sorted.  Notice the different columns in the mail view window. 
>   At the top of each column is a button to select sorting by that 
> column.  If you have sorting by thread, then the new mails will appear 
> in their appropriate thread.  If you want them to appear by date, then 
> hit the button at the top of the date column.  If you prefer to sort by 
> sender, hit that column's button.  You can also add or remove columns by 
> depressing the button above the slider, which will reveal a menu of 
> columns you can add or delete.
Oh ok, mine was organized according to the subject. thanks for the help


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