Is Nvu any good ?

debiani386 debiani386 at
Fri May 4 21:39:07 UTC 2007

scott wrote:
> das wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 08:38 +0930, Brian Astill wrote:
>>> IMHO, Quanta Plus is far superior.
>> +1
> +1 here too.  When the WYSIWYG editors first came out I jumped on the 
> bandwagon and exclusively used them for a decade until I noticed I 
> became dependant on them and actually started to forget how to code in HTML.
> I have been using Quanta plus the past year and love it.  I am able to 
> do most things just as fast as I did with the WYSIWYG and don't need to 
> waste any time fixing any crappy html code created by the WYSIWYG editors.
> The great thing about quanta+ is that it is really just an an advanced 
> editor (Kate) just wrapped up in a great GUI that extends the editor. 
> So, your getting the best of the editor world with the good things of 
> the WYSIWYG added in.
> Quanta+ is not the only great editor, there are many other similar 
> editors that are great as well.  I am pretty sure Bluefish is another 
> great one.
There is a netscape program out there where you can WYSIWYG edit and 
create html files aswell as code them. it is called "netscape composer" 
i havent used it on linux, but it works really great as well.

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