Linux on a smaller scale

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Fri May 4 03:14:06 UTC 2007

debiani386 wrote:
>>     Anyone done this?
> It actually would be best to install basiclinux as that is geared for 
> the older machines.
> You could do just a base install of ubuntu, but why when you wouldnt be 
> able to use the interfaces associated with ubuntu? (as basiclinux comes 
> with an interface)

     No interface? /bin/bash isn't an interface?  :)

     I plan to use gpsd for reading the GPS and storing breadcrumbs, and 
serving the GPS coords across the net.  I also want it to read some 
voltages so it's aware of battery limitations, temperatures, etc, 
reading some switches (like the one on the door) and to communicate with 
a couple of LCD panels on serial lines. It doesn't need to do anything 
with media; that's another machine.

     I'd *like* it to use X, but it's really not necessary...

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