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Thu May 3 22:52:01 UTC 2007

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    I'm looking into PC104 hardware for my trailer project
( and I want something small, so it can be on for
weeks while disconnected from shore power.

    PC104 has cheap parts, parts that run on +5V only, require no fan,
and they're nice and small.  A Linux to go with them has to be small,
also; there's Eagle and DSL, but most of these are targeted at "live"
CDs and such.  And I love the organization of Ubuntu, package updates,
and being able to admin the thing in a way I'm already pretty good with.

    Would it be crazy to do a minimal install of Ubuntu on a 386 with 8M
of RAM, and a couple of laptop drives in a software RAID? I plan to
collect a lot of GPS 'bread crumbs" along the way, and don't want'em to
get lost...

    I'm sure install will take something special until I get the DOC
(Disk On Chip) for the /boot partition, but once it's there I should be
able to upgrade it nice and easy.

    Anyone done this?
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