Is Nvu any good ?

Joshua Kogut dottru at
Thu May 3 01:27:43 UTC 2007

Before I made the complete switch (I don't have a single system that runs
Windows anymore), I used and loved Dreamweaver. In fact, it was one of the
things that kept me back from switching.

But as Brian Astill said, it doesn't help you learn what you're doing, it's
basically a crutch.

If you learn it [HTML/CSS] right, and start off writing yer code by hand,
then you'll be far ahead of a vast majority of the so-called "designers"

I don't recommend vim immediately, for the learning curve is rather steep.
Add that to the (apparent) difficulty most people have when starting off
with HTML, and you'll only get frustrated. Try nano (NOT EMACS), gedit, or
{insert command-line based editor}. I'm saying you should use a command-line
based editor for a reason, it's because once you become familiar with the
cli utilities, it'll make it far easier to ssh into your remote server and
edit something live, instead of having to repeat the process my windows-savy
boss has to do multiple times every day.

    1) Open FTP Client (For some reason, he doesn't like explorer's
    2) Connect to server
    3) Navigate in the (commonly) clumsy interface to the directory you want
to upload to
    4) Download the file(s).
    5) Make appropriate modifications
    6) Re-upload!

Compared to the process that i have to do to make a modification:

    1) Connect to server (SSH, of course)
    2) Navigate to the directory of the file to modify
    3) Make appropriate modifications with favorite editor (vim <3)

On 5/2/07, debiani386 <debiani386 at> wrote:
> Brian Astill wrote:
> > On Thursday 03 May 2007 06:59, Joshua Kogut wrote:
> >
> >> Whoah. debiani386, this is an Ubuntu list, and as such,
> >> Dreamweaver is woefully inadequate for two reasons:
> >>     1. It's for Windows platforms only. (Don't even bother with
> >> wine, it fails on Macromedia products)
> >>     2. It's closed source.
> >>
> >
> > And 3. It will not help you to understand what you are doing.
> >
> > I have used Nvu, Bluefish, Screem, Amaya and Quanta +.
> > IMHO, Quanta Plus is far superior.
> >
> > Vim and Emacs are for masochists!
> >
> >
> i concur. i use dreamweaver at school and dreamweaver is the most
> confusing program i have ever used. i hate hate hate it. (i use
> notepad++ for my webdesigning)
> --cj
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