Horrid fonts in Feisty

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi
Wed May 2 19:39:50 UTC 2007

ke, 2007-05-02 kello 18:23 +0300, Marius Gedminas kirjoitti:

> > Any chance for a screenshot? I've always thought that the default fonts
> > on my Ubuntu desktop look great. Ive been suprised to hear that some
> > people might prefer the way fonts are rendered in Windows.
> Verdana with subpixel rendering on my Ubuntu box looked better than
> whatever-the-font-was-used on Windows on the same box.  That was years
> ago, when I last booted into Windows.  I admit it took a while paying
> with gnome-font-settings and dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig to get things
> just right.
> Here's a screenshot:
> http://mg.pov.lt/xcompmgr-shadows.png
> vim and xterm use 10pt Andale Mono.  The menu bar on top uses 10pt
> Verdana.

The fonts on the screenshot look generally nice, but I see some problems
here and there, like on the name of the network icon "video.b4...", the
"x" of the word "Syntax" on the Vim menu bar, the "k" to the left of the
panel klock and the x letters on the bottom panel. First I tought these
problems might arise from image compression, but the I noticed that the
image format is png, which isn't compressed. Do you see these on your


Ari Torhamo

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