Problem getting Beryl Working on Feisty

Ben Edwards funkytwig at
Wed May 2 16:18:26 UTC 2007

Have been using
to try to get Beryl working, I have however previously installed the
'Official' Ubuntu Beryl packages (not sure if this is relevant).  I
have installed the 'new' binary nVidia drivers and they seemed to work
(were in fact VERY fast).

Anyway if I forrloed the instructions, restarted gdm and when I turn
on the desktop affects in the Ubuntu (Preferences?) menu I get wobbly
windows (but the desktop switch is not working).  Thing is as soon as
I start the beryl-manager I seem to loose the windows manager (i.e. I
can see/use the windows but the theme has gone and I can move/resize

Any idea whats going on?

Ben Edwards - Bristol, UK
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