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Wed May 2 15:27:36 UTC 2007

On 5/1/07, Florin Andrei <florin at> wrote:
> James Tappin wrote:
> >
> > Certainly xine and I think Apple's DVD player can play a DVD image from
> > disk (I don't know about  Win XP), so cp -r or rsync may be all you
> > need.
> Good idea. But it's perhaps better to use something like vobcopy (I
> think it's apt-get'able) to create the initial DVD image, from the DVD
> to the hard-drive. Just mount the DVD, then it's as simple as:
> vobcopy -m -o .
> Then play it with xine (the syntax is critical):
> xine dvd:///path/to/dvd/image/
> Or copy just title #1:
> vobcopy -n 1 -o .
> So then any player capable of playing MPEG2 should recognize that.
> --
> Florin Andrei

Thanks for all the replies!

This is to rip the movies my kids would destroy, so I don't need complete
DVD images./iso's.  I would rather have something smaller.  I'll still have
the discs if I want the extras.  The only thing I can imagine I would still
want is 5.1 surround sound.

Thoggen looks pretty good.  I'm sure there's even a plug for WMP10/11for ogg

However, Thoggen looks to be at 0.6, and the one available in the repos is
at .4 for Dapper.  Is there a way to install it so that package manager can
do dependencies/keep track of it?

Thanks again!


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