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Rambo enigma at
Wed May 2 12:50:44 UTC 2007

Rodney Riplinger wrote:
> What can I enter into message filter section of the Thunderbird email
> client to direct email
> from the list to a " Ubuntu " folder.  I have tried everything I can
> think of and only
> capture a few emails.  All the rest end up in the main folder of my inbox.
> Thanks,
>                 Rod
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, nor do I like to by pass a problem 
too quickly, but perhaps you may want to use another email client. I use 
SeaMonkey 1.1.1 by Mozilla. Its really an Internet suite, that comes 
with a browser, their version of on-line chat and a composer as to write 
HTML, XHTML or what ever your into and of course, mail and news groups. 
The beauty part about it, is it's all-in-one icon, you just switch 
between windows via a simple key combo, or choose "Window" on the menu 
bar and click on what you want. I used Firefox and Evolution, they were 
ok, but they kept getting messed up as some of the updates went through. 
The only draw back is, that I know of, is you'll have to update 
SeaMonkey on your own fro security/bug purposes. I think they has a beta 
version out mow, or it could have gone live, but I think 1.1.1 is the 
You know, It's around 8 AM on the east coast, and I have no idea what I 
was responding to. Oh well, it's still a good web/email suite. :D

~Rick Donahue
      SeaMonkey Suite
   Ubuntu Linux Systems

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