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Wed May 2 05:37:04 UTC 2007

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 01:22 +0000, Ajaya Pradhan wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>>           Can someone please tell me how to load a linux along with
>> windows.My pc configuration is amd 64 3000+, asus m2npv-mx. Which
>> linux is suitale for it. I have tried fedora but I could not load it.
>>                                             Regards
>>                                             Ajaya
> To get Ubuntu, go here:
> You can download it or get a CD shipped to you for free. The page will
> also help you to select the right version for your needs. 
> If you want to watch commercial DVDs and watch/listen to videos/music
> that uses proprietary codecs, I would recommend to use the 32 bit
> version, since this software usually is not available in 64 bit
> versions. The speed difference to the 64 bit version is negligible.
> You will want to use the Live CD for installation (not the "Alternate
> CD"). First you should defragment your windows partition (from within
> Windows) to make sure that all data is located at the start of the

Ironically, defragmentation does nothing of the sort.  It groups the
files together.  Watch it when you do it, it shows you where all the
files go; they wind up wherever is closest to where most of the data was
before, if possible.

> partition. Then put the Live CD into your CD drive, restart the computer
> and make sure that it boots from the CD. The Live CD boots into a
> functional Ubuntu system, and you will see an icon to the desktop to
> start installation. Ubuntu will offer you to resize your Windows
> partition ans will set up a dual boot system. It will even migrate some
> of your Windows data to Ubuntu.
> Release notes are here:
> You will find more help here:
> Have fun, and ask the list if you encounter problems.

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